From our roots as a trading company in 1986, to the establishment of our wholly owned boutique factory in 1988, Haven lifestyle has been committed to bringing only the best in bed & bath and home furnishings to our clients and customers around the region.

  • 1979

    Haven Lifestyle found life as an exclusive distributor of American bed & bath brands in Singapore as well as an importer and distributor of home furnishings in 1979.

  • 1987

    As business took off, we expanded our bed and bath operations to Malaysia and established our Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur which brought the brands we represented into the growing Malaysian market.

  • 1988

    We established our own furniture production facility in Kulim, Malaysia in order to give our customers the best in high quality upholstered furniture. In order to maintain quality and allow for lower costs, our production facility was set up with component-part production systems in place. This also gave us the added advantage of easily customisable and adaptable items.

  • 1990s

    The 1990s marked a period of rapid expansion for the group. We expanded our bed and bath operations across Singapore and Malaysia while Embowood was engaged as the manufacturer of choice for a number of international big box furniture stores around the globe.

  • 2000

    Embowood achieved ISO 9001-2000 certification in Quality Management, an indication of our dedication towards achieving high quality in our products.

  • 2006

    Through our experience gained from close to two decades of bed & bath licensed production, we launched our very first brand – the now familiar ´Grand Atelier´

  • 2011

    Named after one of the co-founders and featuring a signature country-inspired look, Ann Azalea was launched in Autumn 2011. This brand can be found exclusively in Isetan Malaysia and Tangs Singapore.

  • 2012

    Working closely with Parksons, HAVEN launched NEO/LINENS, an exclusive brand offering affordable luxury to the contemporary consumer.

  • 2013

    In 2013, we embarked on a re-branding process in order to better define ourselves. Our new corporate image was unveiled, one that reflected our vision to become a premier international home furnishings company.